About Us

Mission Statement

Our primary goal at Boxing’s True Champs is simple: provide a blog in which we discuss some of the best boxers in the world, potential matches, and aspects of boxers’ profiles that we consider to be underrated or less discussed.

For example, we will highlight some current belt holders of sanctioned boxing organizations, but sometimes a belt doesn’t necessarily identify the best boxer in a particular division. Rather, we will attempt to look at trending boxers, boxers who are entering or leaving their prime, styles, and more.

Who Are We?

A long term goal of this website is to eventually have multiple contributors. Currently, our authors are composed of recreational boxers, competitive boxers, and other athletes who have an interest in the sport. For the latter, one may wonder why someone who doesn’t box would contribute to this site. We find it’s always interesting to see the perspective of someone outside the sport, as there are many common attributes of athletes across different sports, and those who haven’t been constantly surrounded by boxing often have refreshing thoughts and opinions.

Can You Contribute?

Yes, we definitely value any feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc, from all of our readers. While the site is new, we will likely hold off on posting lots of articles from external sources at the very beginning, but regardless, if you have any thoughts or ideas please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if we don’t post or respond immediately, we will record any thoughts and ideas for future use.

Does This Website Focus Only On Boxing?

Yes, at this point, we are currently focusing on the sport of boxing only. Although we have a keen interest in MMA as well, we want to keep our content focused and clear. Eventually we do hope to incorporate MMA into our blog, just not at the moment.

Will We Write About Past Champs?

Yes, there are definitely some legends in the history of boxing that we consider true champs. However, for the most part we will aim to discuss the sport and boxers of present.

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