Miguel Cotto is a True Champ


One may ask why we chose to feature Miguel Cotto so early in this site’s development when there are more high profile fighters out there. The main reason is because Miguel Cotto is arguably one of the most underrated boxers on the planet. With an impressive 40-4 record with 33 knockouts, no boxer should take him lightly.

Two of those losses came to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr, albeit at a time in his career when there were many doubts about his trainer and associated camp. Now that Miguel Cotto is under the instruction of training legend Freddie Roach, he has seen a revival in his game, boxing at an intensity that we haven’t seen before. I would love to see him take on Floyd Mayweather Jr again. The last fight was close to begin with, but I truly think he would have a great chance of knocking out Floyd if he were to fight him again.

Another attribute that makes Miguel Cotto such a threat is his ability to deliver crushing body blows, which have previously shown to be powerful enough to end a match. Not many fighters possess the intelligence and skill to deliver these types of body shots, but Miguel was able to establish this early in his career.

Perhaps the most important attribute is determination. The last few boxing matches that Miguel has participated in definitely show his character and ability to rise to the top. After experiencing some unfortunate losses, Miguel switched things up, joined Freddie Roach’s camp, worked his ass off, and provided boxing fans with some of the most intense and entertaining boxing matches that we have seen in recent history. Just watch his fight against Sergio Martinez. He knocked Martinez down 3 times in the first round and ran an absolute clinic for 8 more rounds, before Martinez backed down and did not stand up for the 10th round.

More recently, his fight against Daniel Geale showed a level of intensity that I don’t think we’ve ever seen from Cotto, and his confidence is clearly through the roof. Moreover, unlike someone like Mayweather, when asked who he would fight next, he said whoever people want him to fight. There’s a good chance he will face an extremely tough opponent in Canelo Alvarez, and that’s a fight that likely won’t last 12 rounds, as both fighters are extremely heavy hitters.

At the end of the day, Cotto’s career as been rather unstable, but throughout all fo the uncertainty, he’s remained true to his passion and has shown a level of perseverance that you don’t often see, even among top athletes. His confidence level is high, he has arguably the best trainer in the world in his corner, and he’s proved that he has the ability to take on any boxer out there. We can’t wait to see what the rest of Cotto’s career brings to the boxing world!